The Injury Finder Has ARRIVED!

by Aaron Stewart · Fantasy Football

The future of injury analytics has arrived in the form of the Injury Finder app. With the app, You can track NFL skill position player injuries and predict future injuries!

Is a player injury prone? There are now no more speculations and guesses. The Injury Finder app determines the likelihood that a skill position player is injured on any given touch by leveraging PlayerProfiler’s expansive database and predictive analytics to determine injury probabilities.

Injury Predictions

Injury Finder uses a player’s injury history. It uses their physical attributes. The Injury Finder uses upcoming season projected workload. And finally, it uses other proprietary metrics to generate Injury Predictions for players. This gives you the probability that a player misses multiple games or gets injured any time the player touches the ball.

Fragility Ratings

The app includes Fragility Ratings. Fragility Ratings separate injury predictions from projected workloads. This metric measures a player’s injury susceptibility on any given touch. A player’s durability is always evolving and is shown by trend graphs of injury risk and fragility changes over a five-year period.

Fragility Comparison Center

The app allows you to challenge injury-prone narratives on players. Pull up NFL players side-by-side to compare their injury histories, fragility ratings, and injury probabilities.

See how players such as Christian McCaffrey become more injury prone. See how others, such as Davante Adams, become more durable. Fantasy gamers can do this within the app by comparing their Risk Change Over Time.

Mobile Database

The app allows fantasy gamers to mine data to better understand injury trends by position, body part, type, and severity. 10 years of injury data is at your fingertips thanks to the injury data collected by PlayerProfiler’s Game Analyst Team.