Joe Mixon is the Ideal Buy-low Candidate in Fantasy Football

by _tim______ ·

Introducing Joe Mixon. After averaging just 8.7 PPR fantasy points per game through five weeks, no one is thinking about Mixon, the ultimate under-the-radar running back. Based on his advanced stats, metrics and analytics profile, Mixon looks like Ezekiel Elliott, but his running style reminds scouts of Le’Veon Bell.

Joe Mixon is more than a size-speed über back. At Oklahoma, he posted an 11.7-percent (81st percentile) target share, demonstrating an ability to win in all phases on the football field. For this reason, Mixon’s metrics align closely with Ezekiel Elliott. On the other hand, his running style reminds scouts of Le’Veon Bell. So if we placed Bell and Elliott in a particle acceleration chamber, out would step Joe Mixon. Whoa.

The advanced metrics now support the Mixon-Bell comparison at the NFL level. This year, Mixon is demonstrating rare patience for a 21-year old rookie running back. His 3.13 seconds spent behind the line of scrimmage ranks No. 3 in the NFL. Le’Veon Bell’s 3.21 seconds ranks No. 2 in the league.

Since Bill Lazor took the controls of the offense, Joe Mixon’s role has expanded rapidly.

Metrics Without Bill Lazor With Bill Lazor
Snap Share 29% 53%
Opportunity Share 35% 67%
Touches Inside 10-Yards 0% 67%

Get Joe Mixon before that trade window closes.