Go Get Derrick Henry in Fantasy Football

by _tim______ ·

If you want to be on the right side of history, the right side of the NFL’s next generational running back talent, whatever it takes to get Derrick Henry based on his advanced stats, metrics, and analytics player profile.

Exceptional Talent Profile

Coming out of Alabama, Derrick Henry was derided as a stiff, upright runner who needed “runway” to be successful. Fast-forward to today, and Henry is posting 92 yards on just 14 carries meanwhile fellow SEC steamroller Leonard Fournette wheezed out 40 yards on the same number of carries in the same contest. How does this happen? Because Henry offers three of the crown jewel traits of elite running back prospects:

  1. Great Size
  2. Great Athleticism
  3. College Dominance

With a rare combination of linebacker dimensions, explosive athleticism, and high end college production, he has no comparable player in the real world. For this reason, Henry’s Best Comparable on PlayerProfiler is Zangief from Street Fighter. Beyond the 116.3 (97th percentile) Speed Score, Henry also put up the video game numbers at Alabama. Henry’s 2,200-plus rush yards in 2015 is No. 5 all-time, and his College Dominator Rating was in the 90th percentile. Derrick Henry is like Leonard Fournette on the moon.


This year, Tennessee brought back all of last year’s offensive line starters and leads the league in yards blocked this season. Tennessee’s play-calling is run-oriented and their pass to run ratio will continue to skew run-heavy against anemic AFC South opponents. Buy high and acquire Derrick Henry at any cost before fantasy footballers clinging to antiquated scouting reports realize that a new alpha running back has arrived.