Buy Javorius Allen, Sell Terrance West in Fantasy Football

by _tim______ ·

It’s time to get excited about Javorius Allen in fantasy football. Why? Javorius Allen should out-score Terrance West in fantasy football based on each player’s respective advanced stats, metrics, and analytics player profiles.

Javorius Allen Talent Profile

Javorius Allen’s profile checks all the boxes we look for in an all-purpose NFL running back.

  1. Allen been a bigtime pass catcher going all the back to his time at USC.
  2. Allen has great size-adjusted speed.
  3. Allen can explode through creases in the offensive line.
  4. Allen is a smooth, nimble operator out in space.

The beauty is we don’t have to imagine what Javorius Allen’s ceiling looks like. We saw it in 2015 when he was a top-5 fantasy running back down the stretch, including a 35 point game, fueled by a mind-bending 12 receptions.

What about Terrance West?

Javorius Allen’s profile is in stark contrast to Terrance West. Remember, Terrance West was cut by an 0-16 Browns team. Again, Terrance West was cut by an 0-16 Browns team. Then, West was greatly out-snapped and out-played by Javorius Allen in week 2. This was not a surprise given that Allen has been a more versatile and efficient playmaker all along.


Ravens coaches have finally come back around on Javorius Allen and so should you.