The Fantasy Supermarket: Players to Buy

by Matty Kiwoom · Dynasty Leagues

Looking for a running back that may be on sale? How about a wide receiver that is being discounted due to bad reviews? Maybe a quarterback or tight end whose price is about to skyrocket? This is the right place. Welcome to the Fantasy Supermarket!

The players that are in the Fantasy Supermarket have indicators suggesting that their current value may increase in short order. I’ll be using advanced analytics and metrics from’s Data Analysis tool to highlight which players are worth buying into. But you have to act now because these current prices will not last long.

D.K. Metcalf 

The Fantasy Supermarket is a place where fantasy team builders can find deals. Discounted players that are poised for some big games ahead or talent profiles that are exciting, but the stats haven’t been there. But sometimes the supermarket has a player that is just so good that they are worth buying even at a high price. DK Metcalf is that dude. Despite ranking as WR 18 overall, Metcalf is WR 25 on a points-per-game basis. That difference is enough to potentially open the slightest of buy windows. It will not lower the price, but that is okay because if he was a top-10 wide receiver he wouldn’t even be available. 

D.K. Metcalf Advanced Stats & Metrics Profile

Metcalf ranks No. 12 in Target Share (26.7-percent), Air Yards Share (36.6-percent), and has a 1.90 Yards per Team Pass Attempt (No. 20 among qualified wide receivers). There are also some positive indicators in Metcalf’s performance profile that suggest there are some big weeks still to come. As I mentioned his 13.3 Fantasy Points per Game ranks No. 25 but his Expected Fantasy Points per Game is even better. On top of that, Metcalf has 499 Unrealized Air Yards (No. 12) suggests that big plays will start to connect especially given his 87-percent Catchable Target Rate (No. 7). Buy Metcalf even at a higher-than-normal price for the Fantasy Supermarket. 

Buy of the Week: Mark Andrews

Acquiring a player as impactful as Mark Andrews will not be easy. However, just as is the case with Metcalf, there is a small opening to buy into a true game-changer. Opportunities to make such a big splash do not come often, so when they do it is important to take advantage. He has not finished as a top-five tight end since Week 6 and hasn’t scored a touchdown in the same time frame. The downswing in production doesn’t matter because Andrews is one of only a handful of true matchup disruptors at the tight end position. And also like Metcalf, it will not come cheap but leaving the Fantasy Supermarket with some Andrews will be so worth the price. 

Mark Andrews Advanced Stats & Metrics Profile

Even with the lack of production, Andrews still has a 28.9-percent Target Share (No. 1 among qualified tight ends), a 32.4-percent Air Yard Share (No. 2), a 2.25 Yards per Route Run (No. 3), and 16 Red Zone Targets (No. 2). His 407 Unrealized Air Yards is the No. 2 most for tight ends. His practice reports have been clean for a couple of weeks in a row and that should indicate that he is getting closer and closer to being fully recovered from his multiple ailments. Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens will need Andrews to make a push for the postseason, and that will be a massive advantage for fantasy teams that roster the tight end. 

Wrap Up

Acquiring players at the right time is a major key to success in fantasy football. Early panic can lead to team builders getting players they never would have imagined just a couple of weeks ago. In the case of the players highlighted it is a chance to add uber-impactful players that rarely become available regardless of price. DK Metcalf and Mark Andrews are two players that are worth targeting based on their underlying metrics versus current perception. Happy shopping and come on back to the Fantasy Supermarket.

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