DeVante Parker vs. Jarvis Landry: Who is the Dolphins True No. 1 Wide Receiver?

by _tim______ ·

Welcome to 2017: A weak year for breakout wide receivers. Disagree? Go ahead and all list the players who are set up to be this year’s Michael Thomas… Exactly.

DeVante Parker’s Breakout is Coming

Fortunately, we have a 24-year old who stands 6-3, checked all the boxes coming out of college, and has yet to reach 800 receiving yards in the NFL. His name is DeVante Parker, the NFL’s next superstar receiver.

Just check the metrics:

College Dominance: [Check]

College Efficiency: [Check]

Young Breakout: [Check]

Elite Athleticism: [Check]

Quietly, Parker has been the Dolphins’ most efficient wide receiver since he arrived in the NFL based on annual positive Production Premiums. Parker also has a lot of Alshon Jeffery to his game, and he gets the gunslinger quarterback he’s been waiting for. Jay Cutler helped propel Alshon Jeffery to a 1400-yard season, and then a 10 touchdown season a year later.

Alshon Jeffery With Jay Cutler (and some Josh McCown)

2013: 1,421 Yards, 7 Touchdowns

2014: 1,133 Yards, 10 Touchdowns

Once Cutler puts his cigarette out, look for him to establish radar lock on Parker all season.

Jarvis Landry’s Star is Fading

Based on the advanced metrics, Jarvis Landry gets only the bare minimum production on any given target from any given down and distance.

Compare Landry to former LSU teammate and true No. 1 receiver, Odell Beckham Jr. Coincidentally, Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry both have 288 career receptions. However, Beckham has a stunning 1,071 more career receiving yards.

The major difference between the Landry and Beckham: Jarvis Landry is an athleticism void.

Speed: Fail

Burst: Fail

Agility: Fail

Catch Radius: The smallest in the NFL.

Fortunately for the Dolphins, the team has a go-to X-receiver on the roster not named Jarvis Landry. It’s DeVante Parker.