Defining Wide Receiver Upside with the Speed Score Metric

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Calvin Johnson oozed upside once upon a time – check the Speed Score and the Burst Score. He was also mega-producer at Georgia Tech – check the 55.3-percent College Dominator Rating (97th percentile), one of the most predictive advanced stats on a player profile.

Julio Jones is the heir to Calvin Johnson’s upside throne. Last season, Jones did the impossible – a 300 yard game. That performance encapsulated Jones’ sublime upside.

What is a Speed Score?

What do Julio Jones and Calvin Johnson have in most common? Size-adjusted athleticism illuminated by exceptional Speed Scores. PlayerProfiler calculates Speed Scores by multiplying a player’s 40-time by a weight premium and a height premium, because pushing 220 pounds down a 40-yard track requires significantly more explosion than pushing 180-pounds the same distance.

Speed Score Studs

The vast majority of high-end fantasy receivers have one thing in common: 100+ Speed Scores.

Elite Wide Receivers In Recent NFL History with 100+ Speed Scores

Think Mike Evans leads the NFL in target share if he were 5-foot-10? Think Jordy Nelson leads the NFL in touchdowns at 5-11-190? No chance. How does Dez Bryant score double-digit touchdowns every season? Check the Speed Score.