Patrick Murphy

Head of the Fantasy Intelligence Network

Patrick Murphy is a fantasy football expert who has played competitive fantasy football for 12 years. He has played in a variety of season-long formats. Some of Patrick’s fantasy football accomplishments include being a two-time defending champ of the Consultant League. Additionally, Patrick placed in the top 10 in regular season scoring in SFBXII. He is also a back to back to back SFB Division champ. Patrick has accomplished all these feats while averaging a 90-percent playoff success rate for over the past five years across 100+ clients.

Patrick leads our Underworld Consulting team, ensuring a consistent, data-driven approach across the group. HeĀ is dedicated to helping PlayerProfiler become the best fantasy football website on the planet! He is the perfect man to help you make the playoffs in your fantasy football league. Patrick not only brings his experience as a fantasy football expert, but he also brings a passion for fantasy sports that is rivaled by no other individual. If hired as a consultant for your fantasy team, Patrick will help you not only make the fantasy playoffs, but contend for a fantasy football championship! You can connect with Patrick either by visiting the PlayerProfiler Fantasy Intelligence Network website. You can also follow him on Twitter @FFTheKing.