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Jonathan Taylor - Staying Put On Indy's PUP
10 months ago

Jonathan Taylor is set to miss at least the first four games of the season, following the Colts failing to find a trade partner and keeping him on PUP after today’s 4pm deadline to determine 53-man rosters.

Fantasy Managers who have invested in Jonathan Taylor are in ruins right now as this is the worst possible scenario that no one saw coming. By keeping him on PUP, (for what everyone assumes is because of a contract dispute) the Colts will be paying Taylor to not play the first 4 weeks of the season. That certainly isn’t something that has happened previously with other players who have held out due to contractual issues.


While a trade isn’t completely out of the question, a source close to the situation said the Colts were looking for a 1st round pick in the deal, and they didn’t even get a 2nd round pick in any of the offers they received. A trade would be the quickest and best scenario to get Taylor back producing for Fantasy Managers, but Colts Owner Jim Irsay said a few months ago it was “a certainty” Taylor wouldn’t be traded now, or in October. As the dust settled on these trade talks, it’s seemed more and more like the press around a deal being close may have been the result of some strong campaigning from Taylor’s camp.


Fantasy Managers shouldn’t be worried regarding a long-term injury, as nearly every bit of knowledge out there on his ankle says it should be fully healed by now. It seems like Taylor is suffering from “Contract-itis” and doesn’t want to play until he gets a new deal, but we are still trying to understand the Colts angle in leaving him on PUP and not designating him for the NFI list where they could dispute paying him anything at all while he doesn’t play. Fantasy managers shouldn’t be afraid to pass on Taylor in the early rounds of redraft leagues, as it’s clear this is a situation where no one can predict what will happen next. For the other Colts RBs, you can expect a solid bump in Deon Jackson & Evan Hull’s value for the moment, but it wouldn’t be shocking if the Colts bring in a Veteran RB to compete for a starting role in the next few days.




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