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Taysom Hill's Versatility Extends to the Saints Versatility in Salary Cap Management
6 days ago

In what could be a Michael Lewis story on salary cap management, the Saints free up much needed cap room by converting Taysom Hill’s 2024 salary into a signing bonus.

The Saints have restructured Taysom Hill’s contract in order to free up $6.5 million of cap space. The Saints did so by converting $8.79 million of Taysom Hill’s 2024 salary towards a signing bonus. 


The maneuvering and manipulation of the salary cap by the New Orleans Saints can either be deemed highly impressive or fiscally irresponsible. The Saints have always wanted to keep their window of competing wide open. The moves to stay compliant within the salary cap structure have always been curious to say the least. There will be a day of reckoning when the Saints won’t be able to keep up with kicking the can down the road and they have to fully rebuild, but their moves this offseason indicate they are not close to giving into a reset. 


Given the recent news of running back Alvin Kamara being dissatisfied with his current contract, this move may signal some work towards making things well with their star player. At the very least, the $6.5 million of cap space is a step in the right direction for a Saints front office that continues to wriggle through choppy salary cap waters.


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Alvin Kamara Sits Out of Saints Practice in Hopes of a New Contract
1 week ago

Saints running back Alvin Kamara was absent from the final minicamp practice with his agent citing dissatisfaction with Kamara’s current contract.

Ian Rapoport has reported that Alvin Kamara’s absence from the Thursday Saints minicamp is contract related. This is worth monitoring as the Saints have a decent history of working out contracts to keep their roster together and an intentional move like this from Kamara’s camp could set up for a parting of ways.


Whether the Saints entertain Kamara’s demands remains to be seen. It is worth noting that the 49er’s Christian McCaffrey did just a contract extension keeping him as the top paid running back in the league. From a peer to peer standpoint, Alvin Kamara may see this as a signal and opportunity to push the running back market both for himself and others. Whether that happens or not remains to be seen. 


Alvin Kamara was the RB-11 in fantasy football last year and is currently going as the RB-17 in round 6 on UnderDog. The immediate contingent buzz will circle around teammate Kendre Miller who is being drafted as RB-44 in round 12. Overall, it is worth investing in both Alvin Kamara and Kendre Miller in both Dynasty and Best Ball formats with the possibility of having both players score points in your lineups as top-12 running backs playing for different teams in 2024.

The Saints Rushing Attack will March On with a New Scheme
4 weeks ago

The influence of Mike Shanahan continues as the New Orleans Saints will utilize the highly successful wide-zone rushing attack.

The New Orleans Saints are changing their rushing attack in 2024. Matthew Paras from Saints Now wrote an article on the changing dynamics for the rushing attack of the New Orleans Saints. With Klint Kubiak in town as the new Offensive Coordinator, there has been plenty of talk about more pre-snap motion.


In addition to pre-snap motion, the Saints are going to deploy a wide-zone run scheme that utilizes athletic lineman getting out in space to allow for more rushes to the edge and outside boundaries of the field. Last year, Saints running backs were set up in positions where they had to utilize more cutbacks and grind for their yardage. 


Offensive line coach John Benton was quoted as saying, “This system requires linemen to beat defenders to spots on the field rather than engaging them to just “grind it out.” While these changes are being installed at minicamp, Alvin Kamara has been absent from voluntary workouts.


Currently, Alvin Kamara is going in round 6 on UnderDog with Kendre Miller going in round 13. Jamaal Williams is free in round 18. With Klint Kubiak using this successful run scheme, expect the Saints backfield to churn out plenty of fantasy goodness in 2024.

The New Orleans Saints Are Set to Hire Klint Kubiak as Their Offensive Coordinator
4 months ago

The Saints are seeing gold with prospective hire Klint Kubiak.

The Saints have continually swiped the credit card with a buy now and pay later mentality regarding the NFL salary cap. In a move that would make Dave Ramsey proud, the Saints most recently committed to the Ramen noodle diet by restructuring Derek Carr’s contract.


Where there is inflexibility with roster building, the Saints have plenty of agency in who they can hire for their coaching staff; enter Klint Kubiak.


Derek Carr was 37th in red zone accuracy in 2023. Klint Kubiak will deploy more motion as well as slither formations in the red zone to help manufacture passing game opportunity for running backs which is a perfect fit for Alvin Kamara. Sending skill position players in motion will also give more deceptive looks to free up alpha wide receiver Chris Olave. A fun sprinkle to all this that Kubiak did not have in San Francisco is being able to be creative with Swiss army knife Taysom Hill.


Expect more creativity for the New Orleans Saints going forward. Buy Saints skill position players in 2024.

Alvin Kamara 3 Game Suspension
10 months ago

The NFL has suspended Alvin Kamara 3-games for his role in an altercation in February. Kamara will miss games against the Titans, Panthers, and Packers.

Alvin Kamara will miss the first three games of the New Orleans Saints season. The suspension comes in at less than we thought, with the expected outcome to be 4-6 games lost. Jamaal Williams and Kendre Miller will split the backfield early in the season.


Kamara led all running backs in % of snaps played across is 15 contests, a feat the Saints do not seem intent on repeating. Jamaal Williams was brought in on a 3-year, $12M deal to spell Kamara between-the-tackles and on the goalline. New Orleans then drafted Kendre Miller in the 3rd Round, with designs of him replacing Alvin Kamara in the long run.


If the GM who rosters Kendre Miller in Dynasty lowers the price at all due to the truncated suspension, now is the time to buy. The Saints can save over $11M in cap space by moving on from Kamara next summer.