Travis Kelce
Will Travis Kelce Remain Fantasy Football's Top Tight End Beyond 2024?
4 weeks ago

Will Travis Kelce Remain Fantasy Football’s Top Tight End Beyond 2024?

Travis Kelce, nearing 35, faces questions about his NFL longevity, but his commitment to play beyond 2024 has reassured fans and fantasy football managers. Despite his age, Kelce remains pivotal for the Kansas City Chiefs and in fantasy football strategies, showing his dedication to staying competitive and relevant.



Kelce’s impact is clear both on and off the field. Despite potential workload management with new tight end additions, his role in the Chiefs’ offense remains crucial, highlighted by his impressive postseason performance: 32 receptions, 355 yards, and 3 touchdowns in just four games. This underscores his consistency and ability to shine in critical matchups, solidifying his status as a top-tier fantasy option alongside his chemistry with Patrick Mahomes.



As Kelce gears up for another season, his experience, skill, and competitive drive ensure he remains a cornerstone for the Chiefs and a sought-after choice in fantasy football drafts. Despite concerns about workload and age, his ability to deliver big plays and top fantasy numbers makes him a reliable asset at tight end.