Tom Brady
Tom Brady Still Doesn't Rule Out a Return to the NFL
2 months ago

While getting interviewed during a haircut, Brady admitted he wouldn’t be opposed to returning to the NFL, pending the right circumstances.

We all know Tom Brady could still be in the league if he wanted to be, which is crazy to say for someone who is 46 years old. Brady acknowledged that he’s been staying in shape and still throwing the football. He also shared that he’d be open to joining a team under the circumstances posed by his barber- a team like the 49ers that was in the championship hunt with a late season QB injury. Brady throws the Patriots and Raiders into the discussion of potential teams he’d consider.


There are a few factors to consider before getting too excited. Brady has been going through a lengthy, unfinished process to acquire an ownership stake in the Las Vegas Raiders, which would introduce serious complexity. Furthermore, Brady doesn’t seem overly eager to put in the commitment to play an entire season, which makes him off the radar for fantasy purposes at this time.


We’ll still keep a candle lit for the GOAT and have his PlayerProfiler page up… you never know!