Will Levis
Titans hire former Bengals OC as their new Head Coach
5 months ago

The Tennessee Titans have hired former Bengals OC, Brian Callahan, as their new Head Coach.

The Titans are making a clear effort to revitalize their offense, hiring Brian Callahan, who spent the past 5 years as the OC for the Cincinnati Bengals. While Zac Taylor has been the primary offensive play caller throughout that period, Callahan has been an integral part of designing the overall offense and game planning on a weekly basis. He’s now expected to be the primary play caller in Tennessee.


Callahan deserves credit for designing Quarterback friendly gameplans that put Jake Browning in a position to look good down the final stretch of the 2023 season. Fantasy Managers should be confident that Will Levis will have a better opportunity to be successful in 2024 with the hire of Callahan. His hiring also further enforces the notion that the Titans are rebranding their offense, and may be moving on from an attack that has been centered around Derrick Henry for the past several years.