Alvin Kamara
The Saints Rushing Attack will March On with a New Scheme
4 weeks ago

The influence of Mike Shanahan continues as the New Orleans Saints will utilize the highly successful wide-zone rushing attack.

The New Orleans Saints are changing their rushing attack in 2024. Matthew Paras from Saints Now wrote an article on the changing dynamics for the rushing attack of the New Orleans Saints. With Klint Kubiak in town as the new Offensive Coordinator, there has been plenty of talk about more pre-snap motion.


In addition to pre-snap motion, the Saints are going to deploy a wide-zone run scheme that utilizes athletic lineman getting out in space to allow for more rushes to the edge and outside boundaries of the field. Last year, Saints running backs were set up in positions where they had to utilize more cutbacks and grind for their yardage. 


Offensive line coach John Benton was quoted as saying, “This system requires linemen to beat defenders to spots on the field rather than engaging them to just “grind it out.” While these changes are being installed at minicamp, Alvin Kamara has been absent from voluntary workouts.


Currently, Alvin Kamara is going in round 6 on UnderDog with Kendre Miller going in round 13. Jamaal Williams is free in round 18. With Klint Kubiak using this successful run scheme, expect the Saints backfield to churn out plenty of fantasy goodness in 2024.