Derek Carr
The New Orleans Saints Are Set to Hire Klint Kubiak as Their Offensive Coordinator
3 weeks ago

The Saints are seeing gold with prospective hire Klint Kubiak.

The Saints have continually swiped the credit card with a buy now and pay later mentality regarding the NFL salary cap. In a move that would make Dave Ramsey proud, the Saints most recently committed to the Ramen noodle diet by restructuring Derek Carr’s contract.


Where there is inflexibility with roster building, the Saints have plenty of agency in who they can hire for their coaching staff; enter Klint Kubiak.


Derek Carr was 37th in red zone accuracy in 2023. Klint Kubiak will deploy more motion as well as slither formations in the red zone to help manufacture passing game opportunity for running backs which is a perfect fit for Alvin Kamara. Sending skill position players in motion will also give more deceptive looks to free up alpha wide receiver Chris Olave. A fun sprinkle to all this that Kubiak did not have in San Francisco is being able to be creative with Swiss army knife Taysom Hill.


Expect more creativity for the New Orleans Saints going forward. Buy Saints skill position players in 2024.