Rashee Rice
Rashee Rice in Round 6 Sure is Nice
1 week ago

UnderDog drafters have pushed Rashee Rice up 4.3 spots in ADP with hopes of the Chiefs wideout dodging significant legal punishment.

Rashee Rice has moved up 4.3 spots in ADP on UnderDog since June 27th. Rashee Rice is now being selected in the 6th round. Recall that prior to legal trouble, Rashee Rice was going at the 2-3 turn in drafts. This was also on the timeline prior to the NFL draft before the Chiefs selected Xavier Worthy from Texas in the first round. 


Savvy fantasy gamers have been leaning into drafting Rashee Rice in order to gain a higher rostership while any fears of a suspension brew. The ‘factor of one removal’ method of thinking where Rashee Rice doesn’t get a suspension or gets a meager 2-3 games will have a significant impact on UnderDog tournaments. Any news that leans towards either no games missed or a short suspension will have Rashee Rice shooting back up closer to his prior ADP seen in March.


The days of getting Rashee Rice as your 5th and 6th wide receiver are about to leave the station upon any news favoring leniency towards the 2nd year wideout. Be bold and continue to select Rashee Rice as much as you can at his current ADP.