Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas Arrested Friday; Expected to Play Week 10
8 months ago

Michael Thomas Arrested Friday; Expected to play Week 10

Michael Thomas was arrested for an altercation he had with construction workers near his home on Friday afternoon. Per Nick Underhill of New Orleans Football, this issue had been going on all week and reached a boiling point. Michael Thomas came home from practice Friday and confronted the workers. Thomas was upset that the workers were parking their vehicles near his home and blocking his driveway. Also, they were working late into the night and walking on his property. Thomas lives in a gated community and is concerned for his privacy. In an interview after the arrest, the construction worker said Thomas threw two bricks at his vehicle and grabbed his cell phone when he tried to record the incident resulting in a push. No charges against Thomas have been made.

Michael Thomas will play in week 10.  I expect to see a feisty, stay of my lawn-type performance from Michael Thomas on Sunday. Thomas has a juicy matchup with the Vikings, who rank 4th in wide receiver points allowed, so he won’t brick at this narrative-based opportunity.