Marvin Harrison Jr.
Marvin Harrison Jr. Still WR1 In Class Despite Combine Absence
4 months ago

Ohio State wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. did not participate at the NFL Scouting Combine, and it won’t hurt him one bit.

You know how you know if someone is good at football? When they let everybody else at the position “do their best” at a scouting showcase, don’t participate themselves, and remain the top choice at the position. Such is the case with Marvin Harrison Jr.


Harrison skipped the NFL Scouting Combine events over the weekend, and judging by the early “updated” and “post-combine” rankings in the mock draft and fantasy communities, Harrison’s place at the top of the class hasn’t moved, at all. While other wide receivers upped their draft stock by breaking the Combine’s 40-yard dash record, or decreased it, by dropping balls in the drills, MHJ is still firmly planted as the best receiver in the class.


So, why did he skip the workouts? It’s because he had nothing to prove. Harrison interviewed in Indianapolis with 9 different prospective teams, and was measured. At 6’3″ and 209 lbs., with a wingspan of 77.25″, Harrison’s size is elite. And, as the top prospect, any failures at the combine could have been used against him. He was better off letting imaginations wander and is still the WR1 in 2024 Dynasty Rookie Drafts.