Malachi Corley
Malachi Corley and Demarcus Robinson Have Converging ADP's on UnderDog
1 week ago

Demarcus Robinson stock is up while Malachi Corley has seen a dip on UnderDog.

Jets rookie wide receiver Malachi Corley has fallen 5.9 spots on UnderDog since late June. The 3rd round pick is best comparable to Curtis Samuel and can be drafted now in the 15th round. Aaron Rodgers has a history of freezing out rookie players and zeroing in on his favorite targets. This can create a feast or famine atmosphere for players attached to the 4-time MVP and future Hall of Famer.


Drafters are opting to click on the Rams Demarcus Robinson instead as Robinson has leapt up draft boards 7.8 spots in the same time frame as Corley’s drop and can be drafted 172 overall, 3 spots ahead of Corley. The sentiment being carried out is that drafters feel more confident in what could be the third option on a prolific and progressive offense that is led by Sean McVay versus selecting the Jets third wide receiver behind Garrett Wilson and Mike Williams. Additionally, the week 17 Cardinals at Rams matchup is enticing. 


Consider letting Malachi Corley fall further in drafts while giving some differentiated consideration in selecting Corley in builds that correlate towards the Jets-Bills matchup in week 17. Meanwhile, continue clicking on Demarcus Robinson both at ADP and in correlated builds.