Luke McCaffrey
Rice University's WR Luke McCaffrey Beats Christian’s 40 Yard Dash Time
4 months ago

Rice University’s WR Luke McCaffrey beats Christian’s 40 yard dash time.

Rice University’s WR Luke McCaffrey beats Christian’s 40 Yard dash time. McCaffrey comes from quite the pedigree where his dad was a Superbowl winner and his brother seems to be the consensus RB1 year after year. McCaffrey should garner some attention from NFL teams in need of a physical receiver that wins in the intermediate routes, and also wins in contested catch battles. 




McCaffrey came in just shy of  6’2, and weighed in at 197 lbs, his 40 yard dash came at 4.46, which is great news for his size. With McCaffrey’s mix of size, speed, contested catch success, and with his name recognition, there should be plenty of teams looking to take a gamble on him. With a strong showing at the Senior Bowl, and testing well this weekend at the Combine, McCaffrey has positioned himself to be a steal if he is drafted in the middle rounds of this year’s draft.