Juwan Johnson
Juwan Johnson is Starting Off 2024 on the Wrong Foot
1 month ago

The Saints tight end will be sidelined from surgery due to a foot injury he recently suffered.

Saints tight end Juwan Johnson has suffered a foot injury and is expected to miss a significant amount of time. Currently, there is optimism that Johnson will be back by the start of the season, but no definitive timeline has been established. 


Injuries and attrition are an evergreen part of playing fantasy football as the violent nature of the NFL is so physically demanding. More often than not, contingent value is seen at the running back and quarterback position when dealing with injuries. The Juwan Johnson injury creates unique contingent value due to the weapon that is his teammate Taysom Hill. 


With Juwan Johnson sidelined and possibly missing time into the season, Taysom Hill becomes an even more intriguing option for the New Orleans Saints. Already being deployed as a running back, tight end and across different player personnel packages, this opens the door for Taysom Hill to be even more of a focal point in the Klint Kubiak led offense. 


Juwan Johnson will slide down your respective Best Ball platforms and is a player to stay away from until further clarity. Expect a boost to Taysom Hill’s ADP where he is designated as a tight end. Keep on clicking Taysom Hill where eligible as a tight end.