Joe Burrow
Joe Burrow OUT for the year, Jake Browning to start
8 months ago

Bengals Star Quarterback Joe Burrow out for the year with wrist injury.

The Cincinnati Bengals’ turbulent year took a dire turn on Thursday night as superstar quarterback Joe Burrow suffered a wrist injury, necessitating season-ending surgery for ligament tears. This marks Burrow’s second season-ending surgery in his relatively brief career.


The impact of Burrow’s injury resonates across football enthusiasts, particularly Cincinnati and fantasy fans. Beginning the season with a calf injury that hindered his performance and affected his offensive counterparts, Burrow’s resurgence had a positive ripple effect. Ja’Marr Chase reclaimed his elite-drafted WR status, and even the struggling Tee Higgins experienced spike weeks alongside Burrow. However, with Burrow sidelined, the team turns to Jake Browning.