Jase McClellan
Jase McClellan With a Quiet Time at the 2024 NFL Combine
4 months ago

Jase McClellan hopes to have some Alabama magic rub off on NFL teams late in the draft.

Jase McClellan did not do much of anything to distinguish himself in the 2024 NFL Combine. Jase did not run the 40 yard dash. At 5’10’’ and 221 pounds he certainly has the size of an NFL back. With a game built on contact balance, vision, and patience, expect Jase to have a good football role on an NFL team versus a fantasy role. 


Jase has been in a committee for his time at Alabama and will likely be in one to start his NFL career. The most recent memory of Jase McClellan was his 87 rushing yard, 2 touchdown performance on 14 carries against Michigan in the semi-finals of the College Football Playoff. 


A bullish outlook for Jase McClellan can be in the career that fellow Alabama running back Brian Robinson has had in his career, carving out a significant role with the Washington Commanders.