George Kittle
George Kittle- Deemed Best Tight End in NFL by Travis Kelce
5 months ago

Super Bowl LVIII will be played with the two best Tight Ends in the NFL on the field, according to Travis Kelce.


Travis Kelce can be a bit of a nuisance to opponents, as evidenced by him throwing Justin Tucker’s helmet across the endzone during pregame warmups last weekend. For the upcoming matchup against the 49ers, he chose to take the high road, not mincing words when he called George Kittle the best Tight End in Football.


Kelce went on to praise Kittle’s ability to propel the 49ers to new heights, and also offered some kind words to who Kittle is as a person. While Kelce finished the season with 93 catches compared to Kittle’s 65, Kittle was able to do more with his opportunities, scoring one more touchdown and accumulating 36 more receiving yards.


Although Kittle is 30 years old and has acquired his fair share of bumps and bruises during his 7 years in the NFL, he is still as explosive as anyone at the position, leading the league this year in both receiving yards and yards per catch for tight end’s with more than 15 targets. Kittle has a chance to win his first Super Bowl and cement himself as the best Tight End in Football next Sunday.