Gabriel Davis
Free Agent Wide Receiver Gabe Davis to the Jacksonville Jaguars
4 months ago

Former Bills Wide Reciever is heading to Jacksonville on a 3-year, $39 million deal.

Gabe Davis is leaving frigid Buffalo for sunny Jacksonville on a 3- year, $39 million deal, with $11 million guaranteed at signing. Davis has had at at least 6 receiving touchdowns with a average of 16.6 yards per reception in his 3 years at Buffalo. Gabe Davis has been a inconsistent second wide receiver for Josh Allen. Davis is out to prove he can be a number one receiver.


Gabe Davis joining the Jaguars receivers brings to mind the Spidermans pointing at each other meme. Gabe Davis,  Zay Jones, and Christian Kirk all pointing fingers at each other. Each one is a WR2 vying to be WR1. Quarterback Trevor Lawrence has been vocal about having Calvin Ridley back. If Ridley signs back to the Jaguars, Davis will be battling Jones and Kirk for playing time.


As a Davis owner myself, his inconsistencies have been frustrating. Going to the Jags seems to be questionable unless Ridley is truly gone. It looks to be more of the same inconsistencies in Jacksonville as in Buffalo. Look for Davis at the WR3 range in your draft.