Chase Edmonds
Chase Edmonds Set to Fire the Cannons for 1 More Year
4 months ago

Chase Edmonds is back on a 1-year deal to back up Rachaad White.

Chase Edmonds is staying in Tampa Bay. Edmonds signed a 1-year deal on the first day of free agency and will look to fight off any competition brought in by the Buccaneers in the 2024 NFL Draft. Head Coach Todd Bowles mentioned wanting to taper off some usage for Rachaad White earlier in the offseason. What is forgotten about is the back half of that statement where Todd Bowles gave praise by name to Chase Edmonds and what he offered last season.


For fantasy gamers, seeing the name Chase Edmonds conjures up memories of a rainy day in New Jersey where Edmonds scored 3 touchdowns on 126 yards in 2019. The injury news for David Johnson heading into that week was murky and coy to say the least, giving Johnson’s managers frustration and Edmonds’s managers pure joy from the spot start.


Given Chase Edmonds familiarity in working with bell-cow running backs, this re-signing is more of an NFL fit than a fantasy football fit. Chase Edmonds was RB76 in 2023 and this move in no way alters our outlook on Rachaad White. What could temper expectations on Rachaad White would be any significant draft capital allocated to the running back position by the Buccaneers. Rachaad White is dodging free agent bullets, is currently our 8th ranked Dynasty running back, and can be found on UnderDog BestBall in round 4 with an ADP of 46.