Kenny Pickett
Canada Fired; Pickett’s Future Uncertain
7 months ago

Pittsburgh Steelers OC Matt Canada has been fired.

In a historic move, the Pittsburgh Steelers have made their first in-season coaching change since 1941, relieving Matt Canada of his duties. Despite well-wishes for Canada’s future endeavors, concerns have arisen regarding his performance as the Offensive Coordinator (OC), evidenced by a decline in the team’s scoring from 20.2 points per game (ppg) in 2021 to 16.6 ppg in 2023.

The impact of Canada’s offensive strategies on quarterback Kenny Pickett has been notable, with Pickett’s statistics reflecting a mediocre 13 touchdowns to 13 interceptions ratio and an average of 179.4 yards per game over 23 career games. The coaching change prompts anticipation for potential improvements and a clearer evaluation of Pickett’s capabilities.

The Steelers have outlined a shift in leadership, with RBs Coach Eddie Faulkner taking on a significant role in offensive game planning, while QBs Coach Mike Sullivan assumes the role of offensive play caller on game days. Sullivan, with prior stints as an OC with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the New York Giants, brings experience to the position. Despite past challenges, the Steelers and fantasy managers are optimistic about potential positive changes following this strategic adjustment.