Daijun Edwards
Bulldog Daijun Edwards performs in the 2024 NFL Combine
4 months ago

Georgia Bulldog Running Back Daijun Edwards forgoes the 40-yard dash and participates in drills at the 2024 NFL Combine.

Georgia running back Daijun Edwards weighted in at 207 lbs at 5’9″. Edwards did not run the 40-yard dash, he did partake in the running back drills. Daijun is hoping he can find a role as a depth running back for an NFL Team.



Despite being highly recruited, Edwards had to bide his time behind other NFL talents before breaking out his Junior season at Georgia. Edwards tallied 881 rushing yards with 13 rushing touchdowns, along with 20 catches for 197 yards. Edwards projects to be a day 3 draft pick.



Georgia RBs are like gold for fantasy players, Edwards may be a diamond in the rough if he land on a team with a need for a RB. Otherwise fantasy player may need leave him on the waivers if he does not find a good role for a team.