The 10 Commandments for Fantasy Football Commissioners

Being a Fantasy Football League Commissioner is a noble responsibility that comes with great power and influence. As the leader of your league, you set the tone, enforce the rules, and ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for all gamers. To help guide you on this journey, I present the Ten Commandments of Being a Fantasy Football League Commissioner.

1. Thou Shall Be a person of Integrity:

2. Thou Shall Pick Your People Wisely

3. Thou Shall Have a Live Draft When You Can

4. Thou Shall Embrace Technology

5. Thou Shall Get the Money Before the First Pick

6. Thou Shall Set the Rules for Scoring, Transaction, etc. well before the draft.

7.Thou Shall Be the Settler of All Disputes:

8. Thou Shalt Not Infringe Upon Trades and Transactions:

9. Thou Shall Know What We Are Playing For. Have Payout Structure and Trophies Ready

10. Thou Shall Keep It Going and Going

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