NFL Best Bets: 2023 NFL Draft | How Far Will Jalen Carter Fall?

by TREVOR TIPTON · Betting & Props

Is Jalen Carter a Draft Day Value?

The Houston Texans hold the No. 2 selection in this year’s draft. As a result of failing to tank appropriately and allowing the Chicago Bears to finish last. The NFL Draft is around the corner, and we know the quarterback is the most critical position in the NFL. Even though quarterbacks Anthony Richardson and C.J. Stroud are also under consideration as the No. 2 pick, the Texans will pass.

Despite “experts” thinking a QB is going to the Texans, head coach Demarco Ryans has other plans for his team’s future. This article will examine the factors that make Jalen Carter a tempting selection for the Houston Texans at +2000 odds. Indeed, he could play a crucial role in their rebuilding efforts. Unfortunately, Carter’s off-field problems and showing at his pro day have led to him falling below the top-pick buzz we expected.

However, just like Texan Laremy Tunsil fell due to his draft day fiasco, Carter’s off-field problems have led to him not being discussed for the No. 2 overall pick. However, Demarco Ryans is a defensive leader coming from the Shannahan tree, where they have proven they value the DL position. He is one of the actual draft day values still on the board for player props and those looking for a very nice payday from the NFL Draft.

Excellent Physical Capacity | Georgia Bulldogs Pro Day Recap

Jalen Carter possesses an exceptional combination of stature, strength, and quickness. Carter’s height and weight of 6-3 and 314 pounds give him a commanding presence on the field. He runs a 4.96 40 Yard Dash while having elite speed and agility.

He was arguably the most dominant player on the field this entire season for the Georgia Bulldogs. Jalen’s physicality will be able to transition to the NFL at a pro bowl level, supplying any team with a versatile defensive weapon.

Positional Versatility: Jalen Carter Highlight Video

Carter’s aptitude for playing multiple positions on the defensive line is one reason head coach Demarco Ryans may be interested in drafting him. He has shown proficiency as both a defensive tackle and a defensive end, allowing the coaching staff to utilize him in various formations and schemes.

This versatility will give the Texans an advantage on defense by locking up a core piece to their rebuilding process.

Experience at an Elite Program

Carter has been a pillar of the Georgia Bulldogs’ renowned defensive line, where all the Bulldogs do is win. Under the tutelage of football coach Kirby Smart, Carter has learned from one of the best. At this point, he is one of the top players in this draft. This experience has prepared him for the challenges of the NFL, and he would provide the Texans’ defense with an immediate impact.

Stroud’s and Richardson’s Potential for Failure

The Texans have two top-15 picks this year. If they choose to go with Stroud and miss on a cornerstone like Carter, they will continue to be left behind if Stroud or Richardson isn’t a generational talent at this pick. The current odds for Bryce Young to go No. 1 are -1000, leaving Stroud and Richardson as the second QB available. Cody Carpentier believes the Texans will trade out of the No. 2 position. You can read all about it in Cody Carpentier’s The MOST Controversial NFL Mock Draft of 2023. Ryans would be foolish to trade out of No. 2 when Carter is available. The value in this bet is Demarco Ryans understanding the significance of a cornerstone defensive lineman while not believing Stroud or Richardson are generational quarterbacks, which I do not think either to be true.

Revitalization of the Texans’ Defense

Jalen Carter would be a significant step in the correct direction. Eventually, he will develop into a franchise star due to his exceptional physical attributes and versatility along the defensive line. You can see the breakdown in the PlayerProfiler 2023 Rookie Guide.

In addition, Coach Demarco Ryans’ defensive expertise will significantly assist Carter as he transitions to the NFL. At the same time, Carter will provide Ryans with the cornerstone defensive lineman we know he wants and needs. We are willing to risk one unit to win 20 units in this upcoming draft.

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Bet: 1u @ +2000 on Jalen Carter as the No. 2 pick in the NFL draft.