PlayerProfiler’s most enlightening player comps

by _tim______ ·

NFL analysts like nothing better than a good player comp. While no one should use player comps to make final roster decisions, they provide important stats, metrics, and analytics-based clues for talent evaluators.

Garoppolo to Romo

Look no further than football’s current comp du jour: Jimmy Garoppolo is the next Tony Romo! Based on the numbers, few comps are closer than Tony to Jimmy and Jimmy to Tony. Same college, same size, same athleticism, same college stats.

Gurley to Tomlinson

Did you know Todd Gurley’s comp on PlayerProfiler is LaDainian Tomlinson? Big, fast, and perhaps most importantly, both backs were excellent receivers early on. Gurley is finally getting credit for his all-purpose skillset, but his player comp told you all you ever needed to know.

McCaffrey to Johnson

Football analysts really struggle comparing Christian McCaffrey to any current NFL running back. Let the data tell the story. Based on the measurables and their on-field performance, McCaffrey is most similar to Duke Johnson. McCaffrey is slightly more prolific, Johnson is more efficient.

Funchess to Marshall

Then there’s the late round smash hit Devin Funchess. Remember, film grinders wanted to convert him to tight end, but the analytics disagreed. Funchess’ College Dominator Rating, Breakout Age, and Speed Score comp’d him to rolodex of elite receivers. Most notably, Brandon Marshall.

Ertz to Henry

Who is the next Zach Ertz?

Stats & Measurements Zach Ertz Hunter Henry
 Height 6-5 6-5
 Weight 249 250
 40 Time 4.76 4.72
 Agility Score 11.55 11.57
 Yards Per Reception 13.0 14.5

Looking at size, speed, agility, and efficiency, Hunter Henry looks like the next Ertz.