Fantasy Football Podcast Breakthrough: Can Analytical Analysis Be Entertaining?

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Our RotoUnderworld Radio fantasy football podcast is the most polarizing show on iTunes, evidenced by a mere twelve 2-4 star reviews out of 400. Yet, the show found itself nestled in the top-50 on iTunes Sports and Recreation category during the offseason along with mainstream heavyweights from ESPN and CBS Sports. RotoUnderworld Radio’s 5X year-over-year audience growth demonstrated the fantasy football community’s affinity for:

A. Evidence-based analysis

B. Unfiltered truth telling

C. Raw emotion

The most relevant fantasy football podcast listener reviews on iTunes support RotoUnderworld Radio’s claim to the Fantasy Football Underground amid a land rush for data-driven analysis in sports media. The RotoUnderworld fantasy football podcast proves analytical analysis can also be entertaining. Here are the fantasy footballers in their own words:

If you consider yourself someone who enjoys thoughtful Fantasy Football analysis that cuts across the grain, then this podcast, and frankly any podcast by Matt Kelley, is for you. If you prefer to hear the same recycled narratives year in and year out, blindly following the flock of sheep to slaughter (metaphorically speaking), then please move along. There is nothing for you here.

-A. Dandar

The statistics-driven analytics Matt Kelley routinely presents on this pod are so good it’s actually disappointing. I am disappointed every time the newest episode ends. I crave more data. more, More, MORE. I listen to episodes multiple times, which is insane considering the time-sensitive nature of the content. Captivating. Impossible to ignore or dispute. Flat-out brilliant. Kelley thinks he is the smartest guy in the room, which could in theory be infuriating. But it’s not. Because he is.

-B. Turk

Podfather for life. Won the ‘ship this year and with that $6500. All Hail The Podfather!

-J. Howard

Your podcast and player profiler tool has been an incredible resource, leading to total domination in 2/3 of my leagues. People see me as a wizard and they don’t want to trade with me anymore because they always end up benefiting me. I literally don’t have time to watch games or research, but you make me look like a rock star. I’m sure it’s helping others too. Thanks man.

-Todd Y.

Matt Kelley (aka the Podfather) is a demigod bestowed upon us from the heavens to pass along his superior fantasy takes to all buzzards. We accept his fruitful offerings like the sucubi that we are. Keep up the good work, the podcast is the staple holding the sheets of my life together.

-D. Siebold

Your show is compelling and is by far the most unique fantasy football show out there. As much as I enjoy the nuanced analysis of NFL players I really hope you continue to venture outside the realm of fantasy football. The show with Steve Almond was thought provoking & your 20 minute take on the Sportification of politics was some of the best content I consumed on any media platform in 2016. Because of this I have signed up for full access to Player Profiler & have pledged to support the pod going forward. Please keep up the amazing content. 

-S. Rico

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Analytical analysis can also be entertaining

RotoUnderworld’s fantasy football podcast is one of the few providing comprehensive year-round analysis featuring in-depth NFL Draft discussions, dynasty league-specific shows, seasonal leagues expertise, and DFS content during the NFL season.

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