The Cleveland Browns Offensive Renaissance is Happening

by _tim______ ·

It was another heartbreaking season for the Browns. Similar to Sam Hinkie’s fate in Philadelphia, Cleveland fired “Moneyball” general manager Sashi Brown in the darkest moment, just before the dawn. The offense, in particular, is ready ascend.

Josh Gordon & Corey Coleman

Start with Josh Gordon. His Speed Score, which factors in wide receiver size, is in the 85th percentile. Gordon is big, he’s explosive, and he has ball skills. Remember, at age 22, Gordon was the NFL’s leading receiver in just 14 games with Jason Campbell, Brian Hoyer, and Brandon Weeden at quarterback [surprise face emoji]. Make that a 16 game season, and Gordon looks like the next Calvin Johnson.

And the funny thing is, Corey Coleman is actually the fastest receiver on the team. Coleman is the only receiver in the PlayerProfiler database comparable to Odell Beckham Jr.

Deshone Kizer

And the Browns have the perfect young quarterback to leverage their rare downfield playmaking ability. DeShone Kizer is the heir to Carson Wentz, the NFL’s next DGAF gunslinger. Kizer has already thrown 65 deep balls, with impressive accuracy, at just 21-years old.

Duke Johnson

And the running game is in good hands with Duke Johnson, who is dominating in all phases. Johnson has been one the league’s most efficient running back that last two years.

Stats & Metrics 2016 2017
 Production Premium +5.2 +39.4
 Yards Per Touch 6.9 6.5
 Juke Rate 35.4% 27.1%

David Njoku

Then there’s David Njoku. At Miami, Njoku posted the most mind-blowing stat in college football last year…. 11 yards after the catch per reception. This guy looks like he was made in a lab to be a more dynamic Travis Kelce, if that’s even possible.

The Browns are coming.