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by TREVOR TIPTON · Fantasy Football


The 2023 season is rapidly approaching, and equally important, NFL fans are excited to explore Underdog Fantasy’s extensive Contests. Presently, season-long Pick’em contests enable participants to demonstrate their in-depth player knowledge and football savvy throughout the season. Overall, this article will uniquely examine the Best Early Underdog Pick Em Entries for the four critical positions – quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends.

Additionally, Underdog Fantasy Pick’em contests are not restricted to a single player’s performance. Instead, you can create an entry involving three or five participants simultaneously. By comparison, this form of competition can be advantageous, as it offers a greater return on the money held. You can win six times your initial investment with a three-player entry, while a five-player entry can yield 20 times. For the purpose of this article, there is a section for each of the four offensive groups you can use for your entries with positive EV value based on our projections. Furthermore, these players’ projections will move quickly in the next few days. 

In the coming weeks, as Underdog Fantasy releases more Pick’ems, such as receptions and touchdowns for wide receivers, Underdog will release more entry options for these contests. Below, I have outlined by best Underdog Season Long Pick Ems! Act fast because these lines are constantly changing!

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Unquestionably, quarterbacks are the offensive fulcrum of a football team. Simultaneously, understanding the data and performance potential of a team’s quarterback is crucial for season-long entries. Below are some of the Best Season Long Underdog Pick Em’s at quarterback:

QB List

Kirk Cousins: 4350.5 Passing Yards. Under

Jordan Love: 3200.5 Passing Yards. Over

Russell Wilson: 24.5 Passing Touchdowns. Over

Lamar Jackson: 3500.5 Passing Yards. Under

Justin Herbert: 4340.5 Passing Yards. Over

Dak Prescott: 26.5 Passing Touchdowns. Over

Daniel Jones: 17.5 Passing Touchdowns: Over

Derek Carr: 23.5 Passing Touchdowns: Over

Jalen Hurts: 3550.5 Passing Yards: Over

Kenny Pickett: 19.5 Passing Touchdowns: Over

Running Backs

It is essential to realize the NFL in 2023 has nearly eliminated all bell cow running backs in light of multiple running having the ability to assume this role. In the same way, understanding projections and committees enables more opportunities in these contests. Below are some of the Best Season Long Underdog Pick Em’s at running back: 

RB list

Nick Chubb: 8.5 Rushing Touchdowns. Over

J.K. Dobbins: 875.5 Rushing Yards. Over

David Montgomery: 775.5 Rushing Yards. Over

Christian McCaffrey: 6.5 Rushing Touchdowns. Over

Jamyr Gibbs: 580.5 Rushing Yards. Over

Tyler Allgeier: 480.5 Rushing Yards. Over

Wide Receivers

Equally important, an exceptional wide receiver can instantly alter the course of the game. By the same token, understanding a team’s wide receivers’ target distribution can significantly impact pick-em contests. Below are some of the Best Season Long Underdog Pick Em’s at wide receiver: 

WR List

CeeDee Lamb: 1150.5 Receiving Yards. Over

Jamar Chase: 1300.5 Receiving Yards. Over

A.J. Brown: 1100.5 Receiving Yards. Over

Amari Cooper: 875 Receiving Yards. Over

Amon-RA St. Brown: 1005.5 Receiving Yards. Over

Chris Olave: 1050.5 Receiving Yards. Over

Tim Patrick: 575.5 Receiving Yards. Under

Christian Kirk: 775.5 Receiving Yards. Over

Treylon Burks: 825.5 Receiving Yards. Over

Tight Ends

The first thing to remember about Tight Ends is they now frequently play pivotal positions in their teams’ offenses, making them a valuable addition to your contest submissions. For this reason, multiple NFL teams have their TE1 functioning as their WR1. Below are some of the Best Season Long Underdog Pick Em’s at tight end: 

TE List

Travis Kelce: 1100.5 Receiving Yards. Over

Mark Andrews: 800.5 Receiving Yards. Over

Dallas “Vanilla Ice Cream” Goedert: 615.5 Receiving Yards. Over 

In conclusion, the season-long contests offered by Underdog Fantasy are a fun way to remain invested in the NFL season. Moreover, selecting the right players and maximizing their edge versus what is available makes it possible to make informed Pick’em entries with the potential for significant returns. Remember that choosing the right players for your entries requires an in-depth knowledge of the players, their team roles, and their performance potential during the season.

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