Amari Cooper is a the buy-low candidate of a lifetime

by _tim______ ·

Amari Cooper possesses an impeccable advanced metrics prospect profiles in NFL history. Recall, at age-18, he hit a 1000-yards and scored double-digit touchdowns in the SEC. With a College Dominator, Breakout Age, and Workout Metrics all above the 90th percentile, Cooper has the greatest prospect profile since Calvin Johnson.

Metric Value Percentile Rank
 College Dominator 47.2% 92nd
 Breakout Age 18.2 99th
 Speed Score 110.6 91st
 Agility Score 10.69 97th
 SPARQ-x Score 122.0 90th

Yes, one of the most exciting young über talents is now the least efficient NFL wide receiver since Greg Little. Cooper is outside the top-80 in every key efficiency metric, except one… He has the highest Drop Rate on

Amari Cooper is a front runner, which leads to a volatile, week-to-week roller coaster based on schedule strength.

In 2016, Cooper’s 100-yard performances came against the Saints, Buccaneers, Chargers, and Chiefs. This season, Cooper has faced a gauntlet of difficult defenses, and his quarterbacks are doing him no favors, evidenced by a mere 65-percent Catchable Pass Rate.

The good news is Cooper is top-15 in Target Share, Total Target Distance, and Yards After the Catch this season. The Raiders know he needs the ball in his hands and the team is bending its will to put it there.

Raiders Upcoming Opponents Fantasy Points Allowed Rank
 Chiefs +8.68 #2
 Patriots +7.88 #3
 Eagles +5.38 #5
 Cowboys +4.48 #6

And there is lots of green grass ahead on the schedule. Take a breath, shun the recency bias, zoom out, and see Amari Cooper for what he really is.