Evan Ringler

Data and Analytics Expert

Hey y’all, I’m Evan Ringler and I help with Dynasty Rankings, projections, and analytics at PlayerProfiler. I’m a former college baseball pitcher at Pacific Lutheran University. I graduated in May ‘23 with degrees in Applied Physics and Computer Science. Some of the work I’ve done in the fantasy space includes: calculating advanced stats for college players, building an Autodraft neural net using deep reinforcement learning, and creating a Rate-My-Team feature for PlayerProfiler. I am dedicated to using my expertise to help enhance the tools PlayerProfiler has to offer. Hopefully, these tools can help fantasy gamers hone their strategy and become better fantasy football players!

I’ve been playing fantasy football since age 12, and have turned into a dynasty sicko over the past three years. The leagues I play in feature deep rosters, complicated scoring, and lots of IDPs. Hit me up on Twitter @EvanRinglerFF if you want to chat about strategy, roster construction, or player evaluation. I love talking about all things fantasy, as there’s always more for me to learn. Hopefully, in my role as a data expert and as an intern at PlayerProfiler, I can help you make enhance your process and win many championships in the future!


2022 NFL Injury Analysis | Fantasy Football

by Evan
This article provides detailed injury analysis during the 2022 season using Injury Risk Rating, Fragility Rating, and BMI to find trends that can help predict injuries in the future. What trends did we uncover that can help you build winning fantasy football teams in 2023?