Emeka Egbuka
OSU WR Emeka Egbuka Returns to School
1 month ago

Ohio State Junior wide receiver Emeka Egbuka has decided to return to school for the 2024 season.

Emeka Egbuka has decided to return to school. The Junior wide receiver from Ohio State was prolific in his first 3 seasons and considered a quality prospect. Unfortunately for Egbuka, the 2024 WR class is extremely deep.

In an new era where top players at big schools can make more NIL money by staying in school than by being drafted outside of the early first-round, it is no longer a priority for players to leave school for “the bag.” Egbuka will benefit from being the #1 guy in the Buckeyes’ WR room, following the departure of Marvin Harrison Jr., and can enjoy his Senior season while making plenty of money.

A strong 2024 season for Egbuka will shore up consensus, putting him in the discussion as the class’ #1 WR. Egbuka has been ranked in the 2024 class as high as #7 for some and out of the top 10 for others, likely making this an easy decision for him.