Marvin Harrison Jr.
Fanatics files lawsuit against Marvin Harrison Jr.
2 weeks ago

MHJ is facing a legal fight in an alleged breach of contract

The ongoing situation between the company Fanatics and Marvin Harrison Jr. continues. A lawsuit filed in New York Supreme Court on Saturday claims that Harrison did not fulfill his obligations and estimated the damage to be in the “millions of dollars.”


Fanatics claims, despite paying Harrison twice, he has “refused to fulfill his obligations” after several requests. The company claimed Harrison rejected or ignored every request that was sent. On the other hand, Harrison is publicly denying this contract exists.


It’s important to note that Harrison Jr. does not have an agent and instead receives advice and representation from his father, Marvin Harrison, a Hall of Fame wide receiver.

Fanatics recognized Harrison’s superstar potential and initiated talks for a longer deal with him. According to court documents, the parties finalized a binding term sheet on May 16, 2023, after extensive negotiations. Harrison signed the agreement that day, and Fanatics representatives signed it two days thereafter.


Usually in breach of contract cases, involving at least one sophisticated party, there’s no dispute about whether the contract existed. Instead, the question is whether both sides performed their respective obligations under the contract. This situation might have been avoided if Harrison Jr. had proper representation to oversee his contract obligations. Either way, this situation win or lose, will not affect Marvin Harrison Jr.’s play on the field. This should be a relatively short case, if Fanatics can prove that this contract exists.