Isaac Guerendo
Issac Guerendo Shines at Combine
1 month ago

Louisville RB Shines at Combine

Introducing Issac Guerendo, a dynamic running back hailing from Louisville with immense potential for fantasy football success. With a remarkable Relative Athletic Score of 9.99, Guerendo’s athleticism is off the charts. As a former wide receiver, he brings speed and agility to the field, evident in his impressive 4.33 40-yard dash time. In his collegiate career, Guerendo amassed 810 yards with an outstanding 6.1 yards per carry average and scored 11 touchdowns, showcasing his playmaking ability and knack for finding the end zone.



What sets Guerendo apart is his extraordinary athleticism, particularly for his size. He holds the title for the fastest 40-yard dash among players weighing 220 pounds or more, a feat unmatched in recent history. Additionally, he ranks in the top five for vertical jump and broad jump among players of similar weight over the past two decades, highlighting his explosive power and leaping ability.



Fantasy football enthusiasts should take note of Guerendo as a late-round steal with the potential to deliver significant returns. His combination of speed, athleticism, and playmaking skills make him a valuable asset to any fantasy roster, poised to make a notable impact in the upcoming season.