J.K. Dobbins
JK Dobbins Tears Achilles Week 1
10 months ago

Baltimore Ravens RB JK Dobbins tore his Achilles in week one Vs. the Houston Texans effectively ending his season. Dobbins has suffered his second season-ending injury in three years.

Sunday afternoon as the 2023 NFL season kicked off JK Dobbins and the Baltimore Ravens got set to take on the Houston Texans in what was shaping up to be a solid outing for the Baltimore RB. Dobbins got off to a good start posting 11.7 PPR points with 10 minutes left in the 3rd Quarter and in position to possibly score his second TD of the game. Unfortunately for Dobbins and the Ravens he would get tackled inside the 5 yard line and get up gingerly signaling he needed medical attention. We would later find out Dobbins day was done, a torn achilles was confirmed by Head Coach John Harbaugh and his season would end before it really got going.


Following the Dobbins injury RB Justice Hill came in to score a rushing TD from 2 yards out, while RB Augustus Edwards punched in the 2pt conversion. Hill was the only RB to earn a touch (1 rush for no gain) in the first half of the game while Dobbins was still healthy, but he ended the game with the same amount of touches (8) as veteran Baltimore RB Augustus (Gus Bus) Edwards. All the touches that Hill and Edwards received were on the ground and there was little success for either RB especially Hill as he ended his day with 8 touches for 9 yards and 1 TD, while Gus Edwards managed 32 yards on 8 touches and a 2pt conversion.


The Baltimore Ravens are now planning to activate veteran 30 year old RB Melvin Gordon from their practice squad per @JosinaAnderson. The Ravens can be expected to use a RB by committee approach moving forward with Star QB Lamar Jackson being the head of said committee. Baltimore RBs as a group will have value, but no single individual should be trusted until one of Justice Hill, Augustus Edwards, Melvin Gordon, and dark horse Keaton Mitchell (currently on IR for a shoulder) prove themselves and take the reigns in this backfield. The injury to Dobbins also opens up the door of desperation for a Baltimore team built to compete for a championship to be more aggressive in trade talks for disgruntled Indianapolis Colts RB Johnathan Taylor.