Joe Flacco
Flacco to rest, Jeff Driskel to start week 18 for Browns
1 month ago

Joe Flacco resting week 18, Jeff Driskel getting the start instead.

The Cleveland Browns have secured a playoff spot for week 18, prompting Coach Kevin Stefanski to rest veteran quarterback Joe Flacco, who has exceeded expectations as the starting quarterback. Flacco’s impressive performance raises questions about other teams’ handling of their quarterback situations. In his five starts, Flacco averaged 323 yards per game, threw 13 touchdowns to 8 interceptions, and contributed to the Browns’ 4-1 record. His impact extended to supporting key fantasy football players, such as Amari Cooper, David Njoku, and Elijah Moore.


Shifting our focus to Jeff Driskel, who replaces Flacco in a non-essential week 18 game, it appears the Browns are treating the situation like a casual “UNO” game. Despite Driskel’s recent signing, he gets the start over PJ Walker, who has seen significant reps in four games this season. While it’s noteworthy that the Browns have started four different quarterbacks, including Driskel, who could set a record with a win, his 1-9 career record makes that outcome doubtful.


With Driskel at the helm and various starters either sitting out or playing reduced snaps, the game against the Bengals has the potential to be challenging. The Bengals, although eliminated from the playoffs, are committed to finishing the season strong with their starters, including the determined Ja’Marr Chase, who will play through a shoulder injury. The mismatch suggests a challenging game for Driskel and the Browns.