Erick All
Erick All Drafted 115th Overall by the Cincinnati Bengals in the 4th Round.
1 month ago

Erick All ready to prove he has all that is takes to take the NFL by storm.

Erick All is now a member of the Cincinnati Bengals and will have Joe Burrow throwing him the football. The 6’4’’ 252-pound Iowa Hawkeye will look to keep the reputation of Iowa tight ends in high regard.



The Bengals selecting Erick All 115th overall in the 4th round is some signal that the Bengals want to get more production from the tight end position. The knock against Erick All is the fact that he had a herniated disc in 2022 and a torn ACL in 2023 which begs us to wonder if Erick All has durability issues. Scouts and general managers like All’s talent profile.



During Joe Burrow’s tenure, there has not been a legitimate set and forget tight end to roster in fantasy. The Bengals have been on the receiving end of Travis Kelce giving them matchup nightmares over the last few seasons in high stakes matchups. As the NFL is a copycat league, we are seeing the Buffalo Bills go and get Dalton Kincaid, the Lions draft Sam LaPorta, and now the Las Vegas Raiders drafting Brock Bowers while still having Michael Mayer on their roster. Given the nature of a 4th round pick, the Bengals have a low-risk, high-reward rookie on their hands in tight end Erick All.