Brenden Rice
Brendan Rice has been selected to the Chargers with the 225th Pick
1 month ago

Brendan Rice has been selected in the 7th round with pick 225 by the Chargers

It is well-known that Brendan Rice plays the same position as his father, the Hall of Famer Jerry Rice, who is one of the greatest ever to play that position, despite his last name and the legacy of his fathers, the NFL offered no favors to Rice, who ultimately went 225th in the draft.


During his college career, Rice didn’t achieve great production. However, he had some success when he joined USC, where he was used as a vertical threat. This tactic utilized Rice’s explosiveness to his advantage. Despite this, he was not consistent enough to make a significant impact on the NFL Draft. Rice’s best season was last year when he recorded 45 catches, 791 yards, and 12 touchdowns.


Most 7th-round picks wouldn’t draw much attention, but being Jerry Rice’s son adds to the NFL journey. Rice finds himself in a favorable situation, as the Chargers are in dire need of a player who can step up and become the primary target for Justin Herbert. With Keenan Allen no longer with the team, Rice has the opportunity to showcase his skills and become a valuable asset for the Chargers.


Dynasty owners should only draft Rice with their final picks of rookie drafts in a hail-mary attempt to capture the next Puka Nacua.