Leonard Fournette: The Flawed Workhorse

by Nathan Aucker ·

Height: 6-0
Weight: 240
Age: 22.2
40-Yard Dash: 4.51 (70th percentile)
Speed Score: 116.0 (96th percentile)

Best Comparable: Steven Jackson

Leonard Fournette recorded a 28.5-inch vertical jump at the NFL Scouting Combine. Mass hysteria ensued. The metrics community became enraged and delirious after a single test. Just wait until they realize that Leonard Fournette is old for a young guy. Deep breath, guys. Can someone please ask Ole Miss if Fournette’s meager vert mattered when he rolled up 284 rushing yards on them in 16 attempts? I’ll wait. While I’m waiting, if someone could also peel Ole Miss Safety, Deontay Anderson, off the turf and get his opinion that would be fantastic.

Focus on the details that matter. Leonard Fournette showed productivity and efficiency against elite competition. In Fournette’s finest college season in the SEC, he produced a 38.8-percent College Dominator Rating (82nd-percentile). Not to mention, this high-volume production all culminated with a 6.5 College Yards Per Carry (84th-percentile).

Leonard Fournette Advanced Stats & Metrics Profile

Leonard Fournette possesses both superior athleticism and the desirable background as a workhorse back. Using PlayerProfiler’s Data Analysis Tool, there are six running backs who hold claim to a 115-plus Speed Score as well as a greater than 30-percent College Dominator Rating. The “intriguing six” make up quite the elite stable. Their names: Darren McFadden, Derrick Henry, Chris Johnson, Steven Jackson, Adrian Peterson and Leonard Fournette. Nestled nicely with the fantasy football talent of yore, Leonard Fournette will deliver like a lightning bolt from the fantasy gods.