Josh Doctson is the Must-stash High Ceiling Player in Fantasy Football

by _tim______ ·

If there is one player you absolutely must stash in fantasy football, it is Josh Doctson.

Josh Doctson’s Immense Upside

Why? Because Josh Doctson’s profile defines upside.

  1. College Dominator Rating – Doctson was an epic producer at TCU.
  2. Breakout Age – He scored 5 TDs as a true freshman at Wyoming before transferring.
  3. Burst Score – 97th percentile Vertical Jump + Broad Jump.
  4. Catch Radius – Demonstrated by one of the most impressive touchdown catches of the season.
  5. SPARQ-x Score – All-around exceptional size-adjusted athlete.

Josh Docstson Advanced Stats & Metrics Profile

The problem with Josh Doctson has been injuries. After Washington selected him in the first round, he’s been the Wile E. Coyote of NFL wide receivers:

  • Foot Strain – 2016
  • Achilles’ Tendon Strain – 2016
  • Foot Sprain – 2017
  • Hamstring Strain – 2017

Filling The Void

Terrelle Pryor possesses incredible upside paired with a scary downside. The downside for Pyror is that he is new to the position and will never be a precise run runner or technician. In fact, Pryor has been one the least efficiency players in the NFL. The inefficient downside has materialized, and Doctson will be the beneficiary.

Check out Josh Doctson on the Updated PlayerProfiler Seasonal & Dynasty Rankings:

Fantasy Outlook

Washington threw the ball 630 times last season, and look for that pass to run ratio to skew pass-heavy again this season as Washington plays division rivals in the weeks ahead. Josh Doctso is the perfect high-upside bench stash who could be what we all wanted Terrelle Pryor to become.