Josh Doctson: Buy-low in Fantasy Football Dynasty Leagues Before his Value Window Slams Shut

by Ben Cummins ·

It’s not often we get to celebrate an injury riddled season as a positive but that’s exactly what dynasty owners who don’t own Josh Doctson should be doing right now. Why? Because those injuries didn’t give him many opportunities to showcase his talents.

Josh Doctson‘s 135.2 (97th percentile) Burst Score, 10.34 (96th percentile) Catch Radius, 18.8 (94th percentile) Breakout Age, 118.8 (85th percentile) SPARQ-x Score, 16.8 (77th percentile) College YPR, and 38.6-percent (74th percentile) College Dominator Rating are all indicators he can be a special talent in the NFL.  Most noteworthy, Doctson’s size-adjusted agility is truly exceptional.

These off-the-charts metrics will remain under the radar until he gets enough opportunities to prove what he can do. Obviously staying healthy in 2017 would be a great start. If he is able to do that, we could see Josh Docston go from irrelevant as a rookie to a star in his sophomore season because he has a very realistic path to becoming a starter in just a few months.

Washington was the best possible landing spot for Josh Doctson in 2016. Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson led the Redskins in targets this season, respectively. Neither is guaranteed to return in 2017. Jackson’s contract is voidable although Washington would be wise to bring him back as their deep threat for at least one more season. However, Garcon’s situation is a little bit different. His contract with Washington has expired and he is now an unrestricted free agent. There is likely little to no chance Washington brings him back. If Garcon is in fact gone for good, that leaves 114 targets up for grabs.

Josh Doctson, a first round pick last year, would be all but guaranteed to step into the starting lineup and replace him. This is precisely why the time to buy Doctson is right now. As soon as at least one of these receivers walks out the door, Doctson’s price will immediately skyrocket, and for good reason. Not only would Doctson become a starter, but he would be stepping into one of the best situations in fantasy football.

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Josh Doctson Advanced Stats & Metrics Profile

Head coach Jay Gruden’s track record shows he knows how to coach an offense. In fact, in the last three seasons where Gruden has had a full-time 16 game starter at QB, none have finished outside the top 8 in standard (4 points per passing TD) scoring. Back when Gruden was offensive coordinator of the Bengals in 2013, Andy Dalton finished as the QB5. In 2015, Kirk Cousins‘ first year as the full time starter, he finished as the QB8 and just this past year Cousins finished as the QB5.

WRs depend on QBs to get them the ball meaning QB success correlates with WR success. Assuming Washington brings back Kirk Cousins, Josh Doctson will have the benefit of catching passes from a QB that has thrown for 9,083 yards over the past two seasons. Even if Cousins doesn’t return, Doctson owners can fall back on Gruden’s successful offensive history.

Talent, potential opportunity, and situation make Josh Doctson a phenomenal buy right now. If you can get him for a cheaper price then what he’ll cost in March if/when Jackson or Garcon leave, even better. Make sure you let the Doctson owner know Cousins could leave. Make sure you let them know Doctson is already 24 years old. Buy low now and profit once this guy starts seeing the field and starts making plays. Good things could be coming as early as next season.