Jeremy McNichols: The NFL Draft’s Best-value All-purpose Back

by The Podfather ·

Height: 5-9
Weight: 214
Age: 21.2
40-Yard Dash: 4.49 (77th percentile)
Speed Score: 105.3 (76th percentile)
Burst Score: 120.9 (60th percentile)
Agility Score: 11.21 (64th percentile)

Best Comparable: Melvin Gordon

Jeremy McNichols declared for the NFL Draft after only three years at Boise State where he amassed 4,294 yards from scrimmage and 44 touchdowns. McNichols production profile, athleticism, all-terrain skill set is matched by few other running backs in a deep 2017 NFL Draft running back class.

McNichols was No. 3 in the country in rushing touchdowns and No. 6 in rushing yards in 2016 after posting an astonishing 51 receptions as a true sophomore in 2015. McNichols quietly matched Dalvin Cook‘s production in all phases of the game during his time as a true bell cow back at Boise State. His 41.4-percent College Dominator Rating, measuring McNichols share of team yards and touchdowns, was 89th-percentile among NFL running backs.

With increased touches in his third season with the Broncos, McNichols efficiency declined to 5.4 yards per carry. McNichols’ muted junior season efficiency is attributed to his propensity to attack defenders head on, rather than leveraging diagonal vectors after bursting into the second level.

Jeremy McNichols‘ burst was on display at the NFL Scouting Combine. McNichols’ 4.49 40-yard dash was one of the fastest among running back draft prospects, his 105.3 Speed Score was 76th-percentile, his 120.9 Burst Score was 60th-percentile, and his 11.21 Agility Score was 64th-percentile among NFL running backs. With above average workout metrics across the board, McNichols was one of the most athletic running backs in the 2017 NFL Draft.

Jeremy McNichols Advanced Stats & Metrics Profile

Jeremy McNichols makes up for his lack of vision between the tackles and straight-line-ish running style with passing game dynamism. A high school wide receiver, McNichols is one of the slickest receiving backs to enter the NFL in recent memory and should immediately assuming satellite back role as an NFL rookie, with the size and workhorse college resume to assume every-down duties if called upon.

Given Jeremy McNichols‘ rare combination of college dominance and exceptional overall athleticism, he is quantitatively more impressive than Dalvin Cook and rivals Christian McCaffrey. Still under-appreciated by the NFL’s Scouting Industrial Complex, McNichols may be the best-value running back in the NFL Draft and fantasy football league drafts.