Jamaal Williams: The Grinder Prototype of the NFL Draft

by Nathan Aucker ·

Height: 6-0
Weight: 212
Age: 22.0
40-Yard Dash: 4.59 (44th percentile)
Speed Score: 95.5 (40th percentile)
Burst Score: 112.5 (17th percentile)
Agility Score: 11.78 (9th percentile)

Best Comparable: Robert Turbin

Jamaal Williams grades out as a first-round prospect if we assume that Cosmo the Cougar is an NFL GM. The Cougar bias is real. But really, Williams did dash at a workhorse level for BYU, displayed by his 36.4-percent College Dominator Rating (78th-percentile). In addition, Williams owns the earliest Breakout Age recorded in the PlayerProfiler database of 17.4 years old. Both a high-volume producer and prolific at an early age, but how do Williams’ athletic measurables stack up among NFL Draft prospects?

[insert sad face emoji]

The NFL combine was an epic letdown for Jamaal Williams aficionados. Williams confirmed himself as decidedly not agile and unsettlingly not explosive. As a final dagger, Williams also recorded a below average 4.59 40-Yard Dash (44th-percentile) per PlayerProfiler.com. Not cool bro. Maybe some comparable players can place Williams’ profile in context.

Jamaal Williams Advanced Stats & Metrics Profile

For starters, Williams’ Best Comparable Player on PlayerProfiler.com is Robert Turbin. In addition to Turbin, Williams does not have many athletic comparables that translated successfully to the NFL as a lead back. This is likely because Williams possesses a low 28.7 BMI (19th-percentile) and tall frame making his durability at the next level a concern. However, there is one prominent comparable player to Williams. Mark Ingram stands as an example of Williams’ absolute upside. However, Ingram delivered his production in the SEC, landed in an ideal NFL situation, and required a few years to find real traction. The most likely scenario is that Williams is the second coming of Tim Hightower. If that electrifies your soul, then by all means Jamaal Williams needs to be on all your fantasy rosters come fall.