Dynasty Cutdown

by Christopher Gerrish ·

[Ed. note:  Chris and I are in a dynasty league together.  It’s actually my home league.  During the offseason, our rosters expand to 35 players for the rookie draft, but we have to cut back down to 27 before the regular season starts.  I always have trouble saying goodbye to the end-of-bench guys, but Chris is as cold and emotionless as an executioner (or Russell Wilson).  If any of you are wusses like me, I think there are some lessons we can learn from Chris’ cutting process.]

People are always saying, “Christopher, your articles are too relatable and full of important fantasy information.  When will I be able to read 1,300 words about guys I’ve never heard anything about?”

Usually I just brush off these comments and write about how much I dislike Jeremy Hill and his fumble fingers.  Indeed, I was never compelled to shine a light down into the lowest depths of the dynasty league waiver wire…  Until now.

Today, NFL teams cut their rosters from 90 to 75 players.   As the preseason ends and NFL teams shave their rosters down to size, we dynasty folk will need to make cuts of our own.  This article is a self-indulgent goodbye to all of the guys I couldn’t roster.  Guys who deserve more than a lonely spot on the waiver wire.

Kelvin Benjamin 0.6

Kyle Prater Advanced Metrics Profile

Kyle Prater Advanced Metrics Profile

Kyle Prater is best compared to IR-bound Kelvin Benjamin.  Mostly because they’re both the size of buildings and neither of them are very agile, but hey, I’ll take what I can get.  Originally I liked his size and story, and I still do, but the Saints just cut him and he’s yet to find another team.  Prater had an injury plagued college career and never regained the speed he once had as a five star recruit coming out of high school.  But just because he doesn’t have deep speed doesn’t mean he can’t be a solid possession guy with red zone ability!

Why I Signed Him: He’s huge and he makes super fun one handed catches that you can watch on YouTube (scrub to like 1:15).

Why I’m Cutting Him: He’s no longer on an NFL team.

Dark Horse in Saints’ No. 3 WR Race

R.J. Harris Advanced Metrics Profile

R.J. Harris Advanced Metrics Profile

R.J. Harris is a prolific small school prospect who barely saw the field this preseason for New Orleans.  When he did, the quarterback only had eyes for Willie Snead and the offensive line was generally composed of escaped animals from a local zoo.  Not much chance for success there.  A 47.4-percent College Dominator Rating (91st-percentile) and some solid college tape could earn R.J. a practice squad spot somewhere.  I just don’t have the room right now.  It’s not you R.J., it’s me.

Why I Signed Him: Great dominator rating, three straight seasons of over a thousand yards in college and a strong pair of hands.

Why I’m Cutting Him: He won’t make the Saints roster.

Lions and Ebron and Pettigrew! Oh My!

Casey Pierce Advanced Metrics Profile

Casey Pierce Advanced Metrics Profile

Casey Pierce is good!  I don’t care who tells me otherwise.  He possesses a 31.2-percent (90th-percentile) College Dominator Rating as well as a Burst Score, Agility Score, and Catch Radius at above the 75th-percentile.  Sure, he’s slower than a line at the DMV, but he has capable hands and great body control for a big guy.  He was basically Kent State’s entire offense in college, and he can split out or line up in line to block. He’s just behind Eric Ebron, Brandon Pettigrew and Joseph Fauria. And some other guy.  Teams like Atlanta who actually need a tight end should call Casey when the Lions decide to cut him.

Why I Signed Him: I’m a huge Kent State fan, he has a great dominator rating and interesting metrics.

Why I’m Cutting Him: He’s already 24 and wont make the Lions roster because they’re stacked up at TE.

Just Wishful Thinking

Suspended for his final year at Notre Dame for academic reasons (cheating on things), DaVaris Daniels decided to enter the draft and went undrafted.  The Vikings quickly scooped him up and gave him zero playing time.  It’s been a roller coaster ride.  His advanced metrics profile are not shown for a reason.

Why I Signed Him: His NFL lineage (Father is former Redskins DE Phillip Daniels) and he was on pace for a solid final year at Notre Dame before he earned that suspension.

Why I’m Cutting Him: Limited action in preseason doesn’t bode well for his future NFL success.

Da Wrong Situation

Da'ron Brown Advanced Metrics Profile

Da’ron Brown Advanced Metrics Profile

Da’ron Brown actually has been able to see the field for the Chiefs.  He has a touchdown and everything.  Plus, look at that totally respectable 116.2 SPARQ-x score in the 82nd-percentile!  If Chris Conley keeps returning punts from the end zone and Albert Wilson keeps being tiny, Da’Ron might just have a shot.  Although even if he does make the squad, we all know how potent receivers are in that Kansas City offense, so it looks like I won’t be able to keep Da’Ron around.

Why I Signed Him: He has strong hands and body control to go along with an above average overall athleticism.  He was also very fun to watch while he played at Northern Illinois, but he’s also special in any single area.

Why I’m Cutting Him: Bad landing spot and limited opportunity for playing time.

Retro Draft Pedigree

A.J. Jenkins Advanced Metrics Profile

A.J. Jenkins Advanced Metrics Profile

The film guys liked him, the stat heads liked him.   A.J. Jenkins was well regarded coming into the draft a few years ago. It was a surprise to see him go in the first round, but we can’t help who we love, folks.  Unfortunately, A.J. just didn’t seem to love football.  He bounced around unsuccessfully for a while and finally ended up on the Cowboys this off-season.  I hope he sticks.  I really do.  I mean look at that amazing profile!  His 55.2-percent College Dominator Rating was in the 97th-percentile and his 4.39 40 time was in the 94th-percentile.  He demonstrated a truly rare combination of college production and athleticism, and I sincerely hope that he sticks on Dallas’ roster.

Why I Signed Him:  His profile is incredible, and if that ever shows on the field it’ll be worth a roster spot.

Why I’m Cutting Him: He’s buried on the Cowboys depth chart and may not even make the roster.

Knowshon Moreno for Crying Out Loud

Knowshon Moreno is my favorite Georgia Bulldog of all time (sorry Bacarri Rambo), and I will always have a special place in my fantasy football heart for Knowshon Moreno.  He brought me one of the greatest fantasy seasons of all time in 2013 when Peyton Manning came to Denver and they took the NFL by storm.  Sadly, Moreno’s comeback was recently halted due to constant knee pain.  Poor guy.  On the bright side,  He might get another chance in 2016 if his knee is fully healed, and I hope he comes back strong.

Why I Signed Him: When I signed him he was a starting running back.

Why I’m Cutting Him: His knees are now bone-on-bone, and he isn’t currently on a roster.

Anonymous Dolphins Receiver

Do you all remember when Rishard Matthews played Tampa Bay in 2013?  When he had like 48 catches for 600 yards and 9 touchdowns?  I do.  I remember it just like that.  Too bad the Dolphins don’t though.  I believed in Rishard enough to roster him, but now he’s just stuck behind a stable of young competent receivers until his contract slowly dies.  I can’t wait around for a trade to happen.

Why I Signed Him: I thought the Dolphins liked him, but then they traded for Kenny Stills, signed Greg Jennings and drafted DeVante Parker. So yeah.

Why I’m Cutting Him: Despite rumors that Matthews has outplayed Kenny Stills this preseason, I don’t have space for the Dolphins WR5.

So many emotions.  I hope all of these guys find a team that will love and support them, but if not, I’m sure they’ll all be wonderful additions to society.  Best of luck on cut day everyone!  Stay strong.

Christopher Gerrish is a mechanical engineering student living in Los Angeles. Follow him @gerrishbrosff. Check out the YouTube Channel he shares with his brother, Gerrish Brothers Fantasy Football, for football related nonsense.