Jeremiah Retzlaff

Fantasy Football Analyst

As far back as Jeremiah could remember, he always wanted to be a podcaster. To him, being a podcaster was even better than being President of the United States. Jeremiah first fell in love with fantasy football with his friends at SUNY Cortland during the glorious Jersey Shore fist bumping days of the late 2000’s. 

As a former PE teacher and coach, Jeremiah provides content that veers away from group think, giving insight to how organizations, teams, and players operate beyond what is seen on gameday. Ever forward thinking, Jeremiah preaches that in fantasy football it is free to pay attention and that if you’re not early you’re already late.

Jeremiah has extensive experience playing in redraft, dynasty, best ball, keeper, IDP, DFS, and is an avid participant in spread contests. He is best known in the fantasy football industry for his best ball content. Jeremiah co-hosts Best Ball Night School on the Destination Devy platform, has a solo podcast Best Ball Study Hall on the FFPlusNetwork, and co-hosts PlayerProfiler News Primetime on the RotoUnderworld network. His insights can be found in written form on the PlayerProfiler News section.

As a New York transplant to Raleigh, North Carolina, Jeremiah is well at home with the beaches, mountains, and tailgates at NC State football games. Of the things he’s lost, he misses his mind the most. Jeremiah can be found on X and Tik Toc @coachretzlaff1.